TV Alert: SXU’ Robert Shapiro interviewed on Obama’s Farewell Address on FOX 32 Chicago

Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) Political Philosophy Professor Robert Shapiro served as an expert source during the 8 a.m. FOX 32 Chicago broadcast this morning, January 10. During the interview, he discussed Obama’s legacy and what people can expect from the President’s farewell address, which will air during prime time on all networks at 8 p.m.…

Mass of welcome for Dr. Laurie Joyner

On Wednesday, Jan. 11 Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) noon liturgy in McDonough Chapel will be offered for the intentions and success of our new President, Dr. Laurie Joyner. We invite you to join colleagues to pray for Dr. Joyner’s ministry here at SXU. The noon liturgy will be celebrated by Fr. Ed Mikolajcyk, pastor of Queen of Martyrs parish and Saint Xavier’s canonical pastor.