Faculty Experts

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Graham Peck Peck is the author of "Was Stephen A. Douglas Antislavery?," which was published in the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association in 2005, and "Stephen A. Douglas and the Northern Democratic Origins of the Kansas-Nebraska Act," which was published in Illinois History Teacher in 2003. In 1998, he published a working paper, "Why Negotiation Failed: Cultural Change and the Collapse of Institutionalized Slavery Debate Prior to the Civil War," for the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management's Dispute Resolution Research Center. He was awarded the Abraham Lincoln Institute's Hay-Nicolay Scholars Prize in 2003, a J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management Dispute Resolution Research Center Fellowship in 1998, and the Illinois State Historical Society's King V. Hostick Fellowship in 1996. He has reviewed books for the Journal of Illinois History, the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, the Journal of the Early Republic, and Civil War History. He has expertise on Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, the antebellum antislavery movement, and antebellum Illinois. In April 2006, Peck was appointed to the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, which will oversee the planning process for the February 2009 commemoration of Lincoln's 200th birthday. He joined the faculty at Saint Xavier University in August 2002 after teaching at Rhodes College for one year.
Neil Younkin Graham School of Management Younkin has taught courses in investments, economics, marketing, marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing management and international business. He also has professional business experience in the areas of real estate and franchising. He has also taught courses at both Benedictine and East-West universities and done consulting work for Fiat-Allis, the Chicago Cubs, State Street Mall Council, Lettuce Entertain You restaurants and Abbott Laboratories. Among the topics he can speak on include gas price gouging; rising energy costs; and the Federal Reserve.
Pamela Klick CAS, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Christopher W. Appelt College of Arts and Sciences, Biological Sciences
Joyce A. Hunter Graham School of Management
Alison Fraunhar College of Arts and Sciences, Art & Design An expert in Latin American visual culture, including fine art, graphic art, cinema and new media, Fraunhar has written and been published in both academic and mass market venues. She has taught courses in 19th to 20th century humanities: western cultures; history of film from silents to special effects; and Latin-American visual culture. In the last 10 years, she has traveled extensively to Cuba, most recently returning in August 2006. Fraunhar has lived in the Middle East (Israel) and is familiar with issues relating to the Caribbean, and Meso and South America. She is an expert in popular U.S. culture, particularly California youth subculture, hippie through punk rock. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2005.
Cathlin B. Poronsky School of Nursing Poronsky, APN/CNP, is interested in media images of nurses and the field of nursing. She believes the media can help attract more people to the nursing profession and help address the growing nationwide shortage of nurses and nursing faculty. Among the topics she has taught about are avian flu preparedness, disease prevention in community, diet and lifestyle modifications for weight control, and keeping well. As a certified family nurse practitioner, Poronsky maintains a clinical practice in addition to a full-time teaching schedule. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2005. In July 2006, Poronsky traveled to Jinja, Uganda, East Africa as part of an outreach group from her parish, where they visited their sharing parish, toured schools, health clincs and hospitals. In February 2004, she developed and organized a panel presentation on the growing problem of providing medical care to the uninsured, the underinsured, and low-income residents of DuPage County. She served on the board of directors of the Gilead Outreach and Referral Center from 2000-2001, connecting uninsured and underinsured individuals and families throughout metropolitan Chicago with affordable health care benefits and services. She has provided leadership training to numerous groups. Her letter to the editor, titled "Nursing Contributions," was published in the July 2, 2006, issue of the Chicago Tribune. Her presentations include "Worship, Faith & Charity in Uganda."
Constance J. Hardy School of Nursing
Karen A. Czarnik CAS, Communication Sciences & Disorders Czarnik has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on fluency and fluency disorders/stuttering, developmental disorders of speech and research methods. She is an expert in fluency disorders and stuttering. Czarnik is an active member of the National Stuttering Association. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1987.
Jason Aleksander College of Arts and Sciences, Philosophy Aleksander teaches various philosophy courses and specializes in the history of philosophy, particularly late Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern philosophy. He is competent in the philosophy of science, history of science, philosophy of history, philosophy of psychoanalysis, social and political philosophy (i.e. 20th century French philosophy, critical theory, feminist philosophy), Aristotle and Nietzsche. He has published work on paradoxes in Aristotle's logic and is researching Copernicus, Dante and Boethius. He began working at Saint Xavier in 2007. Other topics: jazz music, beer brewing
John A. Gutowski CAS, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice Gutowski teaches courses in folklore, mythology, cultural anthropology and the sociology of sports. His areas of expertise include the hero in America; the hero from a cross-cultural perspective; American folklore; customs and festivals; myths, legends and folktales; ethnicity and ethnic groups; Polish American society and culture; and the supernatural in traditional cultures. He has been at Saint Xavier since 1990.
Tatiana C. Tatum College of Arts and Sciences, Biological Sciences Tatum's areas of expertise include cytogenetics (the study of the structure of chromosone material); environmental sciences, and the effects of environmental pollutants on aquatic systems and plants to determine the toxicity levels of these species. She has studied the transfer of herbicide resistant genes between two species of plants to determine the impact this could have on the agricultural community. She has also studied the differences in single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), or single base pair differences, in DNA that can cause differences in people's physical characteristics. She teaches courses in genetics and introductory biology. She has co-authored a range of publications based on her research in plant genetics and has presented her work at numerous regional forums. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2006.
Deborah Kuhn Bruley School of Nursing Bruley teaches an undergraduate course in nursing research and graduate courses in epidemiology and philosophical & theoretical foundations of advanced nursing practice. She has conducted research on gerontology, palliative care, home health care and end-of-life concerns. She has published in the area of end of life, particularly as it relates to quality of life, and activities offered by the Cook County Agency on Aging senior centers. Bruley is associated with the Illinois Cancer Pain Initiative, National Cancer of Hospice Professionals, Sigma Theta Tau, Oncology Nursing Society, and Midwest Nursing Research Society. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2006.
Richard Fritz CAS, Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice Fritz teaches courses in social theory, mind, self and society. His areas of expertise include peace studies, social psychology and community studies. He has been at Saint Xavier since 1991.
Larry Meneghini School of Nursing Meneghini teaches courses in health assessment and public education related to health. He has more than 20 years experience in emergency nursing and is certified in advanced life support and pediatric advanced life support. Meneghini has designed and developed patient discharge instructions. He has presented workshops on critical care issues such as near drowning, heat stroke, and emergency cardiac drugs. Meneghini has taught a basic arrythmia course at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park. He has been with Saint Xavier University since 2006. He is a dynamic advocate for male nurses.
Iman Saca CAS, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Iman N. Saca is an assistant professor of Anthropology at Saint Xavier University and the director of the Middle Eastern Studies Program. She teaches all the major branches of Anthropology (cultural, physical and archaeology), as well as courses on the archaeology of the Middle East (Prehistory) and Middle Eastern culture and society. Most of her research focuses on the Middle East, for which she travels to Jordan and Palestine every summer. Dr. Saca is currently working on a proposal that will bring together various governmental and non-governmental institutions interested in the protection of the cultural and archaeological heritage in conflict areas especially the West Bank and Gaza. She has presented and given talks at various national and international conferences, and published few articles on the Prehistory of the Levant and the art of Palestinian Embroidery.
Farhad Ranjbar College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Ranjbar teaches general chemistry, physical chemistry and meteorology. His areas of expertise include global warming, laser spectroscopy, heart disease and nutrition. He is also an expert in the area of molecular reaction dynamics and its relevance to space chemistry, cancer and global warming. Other interests and areas of expertise include international politics; 19th and 20th century history and diplomacy; religions of mankind; and cosmology. Ranjbar has been at Saint Xavier University since 1982.
Peggy Gallagher School of Nursing Gallagher teaches courses in nursing fundamentals and nursing research and clinical instruction in acute care settings. Her areas of expertise include gerontology, responding to the nursing shortage, oncology nursing and community college nursing programs. She has been at Saint Xavier since fall 2006.
Evelyn J. Norton School of Nursing Norton has taught courses in healthcare policy and politics; leadership in nursing and the community; and nursing care of the older adult. Certified as a neonatal nurse, her areas of expertise include neonatal intensive care nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, geriatric nursing and community/public health. Norton spent eight years in Illinois state government in maternal and child health, working with local health departments, community-based agencies and federally qualified health centers. She also spent nine years in psychiatric mental health nursing for all ages, and 6 1/2 years as a neonatal intensive care nurse. She is board certified in advanced nursing administration. She has been with Saint Xavier since 2006.
Zepure Boyadjian Samawi School of Nursing
Sharada Buddha College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry Buddha has taught courses in biochemistry, the principles of organic and biochemistry, and introduction to research. Her areas of expertise include organic and biochemistry. She has five years experience at Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation in Bangalore, India, which led to one published article and two commercial products (SoluNeem, a bio-pesticide for organic farming, and CheckMite, an all-natural spray to eliminate dust mites). She is familiar with the culture and education of Karnataka and Bangalore in India. Her doctoral degree can be classified as biochemistry, having studied the structure-function relationship in two isoforms of the (cyto)skeletal protein, spectrin. Her goal is to teach the fundamentals of science and relate their applications by providing real world examples to her students. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2006.
Martha M. Morris College of Arts and Sciences, Music Morris has taught courses in music history (antiquity to 21st Century); methods of teaching primary music; methods of teaching music in junior and senior high school; orchestration; string methods; woodwind methods; flute choir; choral conducting; fundamentals of music theory; and applied flute. Her areas of research include the application of vocal tract resonance to achieve optimum tone quality in woodwind and brass players; and Kodaly methodology (the application of Kodaly Method in music curriculum K-8 and the impact on the child's total learning process). She has been at Saint Xavier since 1977.
Monte Gerlach College of Arts and Sciences, Art & Design
Cathie Ruggie Saunders College of Arts and Sciences, Art & Design Saunders is a visual artist whose areas of expertise include graphic design, artists' bookmaking, typography, letterpress printing, handmade papermaking and printmaking (silkscreen, lithography and intaglio). A board member of the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts, her work is housed in many permanent collections. She is the proprietor of Hosanna Press and director of the SXU Gallery at Saint Xavier, which hosts myriad art exhibits throughout the academic year. She has taught courses in printmaking, graphic design, typography and artist's books. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1983.
Nathan Peck College of Arts and Sciences, Art & Design