Faculty Experts

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Michele Poradzisz School of Nursing Poradzisz is interim director of the Center for Nursing Scholarship and has taught courses in pharmacology for nursing practice and graduate courses in clinical nursing. Her areas of expertise include type 2 diabetes, especially self-management; quality of life issues; the nursing shortage and the shortage of nursing faculty; and RN licensure for nurses educated in other countries. She is a liaison between Saint Xavier University and the Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1994.
Peter N. Kirstein College of Arts & Sci.,History & Political Science
Janice K. Pape College of Arts and Sciences, Physical Education Pape began her career at Saint Xavier University in 1971 and is now the university's director of physical education. She teaches courses in health and fitness and contemporary topics in health, fitness and physical education. She is a member of the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, and the Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.
Rob Huizenga Athletics Huizenga is the director of sports-related media and public relations. His areas of expertise include athletics media relations, public relations, game management, and athletic administration. He has been at Saint Xavier since 2003.
Judith R. Hiltner College of Arts & Sci.,English & Foreign Languages A professor at Saint Xavier University since 1991, Hiltner teaches courses on early American literature, cultural appropriations on narrative in the early American Republic, history of the book, and the fiction of Herman Melville. She is the author of numerous books and articles, including pieces on Herman Melville, Philip Freneau and on literary treatments of Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself as a man to fight in the Revolutionary War. Her areas of expertise include early American literature and culture, literature's cultural role in the early American Republic, Herman Melville, history of the book in the New Republic, and the impact of rapid diffusion of print in the early Republic. Hiltner served as the chairperson of the English Department at Saint Xavier from 1991 to 1997. In 1998, she was the founding director of the undergraduate honors program and was appointed as associate dean for the School of Arts and Sciences.
Liang Zhao School of Education Zhao teaches courses on educational research design and development, and the history and philosophy of education. His areas of research interests include history, philosophy and sociology of education. While teaching at the Institute for International and Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University, Zhao conducted research on reforms in higher education in foreign countries after World War II and authored a chapter titled "American Education Faces the 21st Century." He also worked with China's Department of Education to implement a UNICEF project to provide an education to girls from low-income families. He is also an expert on using technology in education and research methods. He has been at Saint Xavier since 2004.
Cathleen Barrett School of Education Barrett has been an associate professor of education at Saint Xavier University since 2003. She serves as the coordinator of clinical experiences and of the school counseling specialty track within the graduate counseling program. She has held positions as an associate professor of counselor education with tenure at Western Illinois University, California State University and the University of Texas. Her areas of expertise include school counseling, family dynamics and counseling children and adolescents.
James R. Aman College of Arts & Sciences, Computer Science
Julie A. Deisinger College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology
Charlene Bermele School of Nursing
Carol Kostovich School of Nursing Kostovich has designed several presentations for nursing professionals on a variety of nursing and education topics such as precepting in difficult situations, the role of mentoring for students and faculty, the development of a scale to measure nursing presence and the relationship between learning style preferences and students' aptitudes for concept maps and case studies. Her research interests include precepting, mentoring, teaching strategies and nursing presence. She previously held nursing positions at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, Ill., and Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1999.
Mary Janet Dahm School of Nursing Dahm has taught courses in mental health nursing, gerontology, and ethical, legal and spiritual issues in nursing. She has done extensive study into mental health issues of older adults, as well as the history of Alzheimer's Disease. Her research interests include nursing and spirituality, psychotherapy and treating the elderly, and Alzheimer's Disease. She previously worked as head nurse at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago and was a clinical specialist/nurse supervisor and educator at Loyola University Medical Center. Dahm also worked as a nurse therapist at the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute in Chicago. She has a certificate from the American Nurses Association in mental health-psychiatric nursing and a certificate in gerontological psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1982.
John P. Pelrine Student Affairs Pelrine sets goals and objectives for Athletics, Campus Ministry, Counseling and Career Services, the Learning Center and Disability Services, Student Success Program, Student Life, and the student disciplinary system. He is a member of numerous university committees, including Budget Advisory, Information Technology Advisory, and the First Year Experience. He had previously served the university as dean of students from 2001 to June 2005. Prior to that, he was the associate dean of students and assistant director of residence life for staff and programs at Loyola University Chicago.
Leslie Applegate School of Education Applegate is currently the coordinator of field experiences for the School of Education program at Saint Xavier. She has taught a course on the methods of elementary math. Her area of expertise is early childhood education. Prior to coming to Saint Xavier, Applegate taught grades K-6 from 1971 to 2004. In 2004, she retired from teaching grade school. While teaching in District 130, Applegate received an award for "Those Who Excel" from the Illinois State Board of Education.
David Bell School of Education
Jessie Panko School of Education Jessie Panko teaches method courses on reading, science and social studies at Saint Xavier. Her area of expertise is sexism in education. She has been at Saint Xavier since 1976.
Anne George School of Education George teaches several education courses at Saint Xavier. Research areas include child development, child health and the context of biology and environment in child development. She has been at Saint Xavier since 2004. In 2007, George was invited to participate in a roundtable session on early childhood education at the Oxford Roundtable at the University of Oxford, England. The focus of the session was the importance of promoting school readiness in young children. George focuses on child development and early childhood education. She has researched child health issues in an international context, and has begun researching teacher motivations and their relationship to teacher retention. She is currently working on projects related to childhood immunization and obesity and the issue of school readiness.
Jennifer Briody School of Education Before coming to Saint Xavier in 2001, Briody worked as a preschool teacher and childcare administrator. She currently teaches courses on pre-primary methods, history and philosophy of education and child, family, community relationships. Her research topics include early childhood education and children at risk for academic failure.
Mitra Fallahi School of Education Fallahi has taught courses on advanced educational psychology, assessment, educational foundations, history and philosophy of education, and educational research design & development. Her current research interests include assessment in education, multicultural education, standardized testing, and graduate programs in teacher education. She has written several articles for magazines and journals, including the Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education, Illinois Schools Journal and the International Journal of the Learning. She has been at Saint Xavier University since 1998; prior to that, she taught at Blackburn College, Cardinal Stritch College, Marquette University and Carthage College.
Alan C. Jones School of Education Jones has worked in the field of education for 35 years. He has been a teacher and high school principal and is currently teaching courses in administration and supervision at Saint Xavier University. His areas of research are school reform, school improvement, the forgotten role of supervision in school administration, and the process for becoming an instructional leader. His article "The Myths that Drive Data-Driven Schools," was published in Education Digest in January 2006. He has been at Saint Xavier since 2002.
Anthony Rotatori College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology Rotatori has been a professor at Saint Xavier since 1992. Prior to that he was a consulting clinical psychologist at Approved Home, a private residential facility for the developmentally disabled, and at Our Special Place, a private CILA for the developmentally disabled. He was also a professor and the director of applied and school psychology at Fairfield University. Rotatori has written several publications including Behavioral Weight Reduction Program for Mentally Handicapped Persons: A Self-Control Approach, Assessment for Special and Regular Education Teachers: A Case Study Approach and Assessing the Severely and Profoundly Handicapped. He was also featured on a segment of CNN entitled "Nutrition News" in January 1985. He currently teaches courses on assessment, behavior assessment and intervention, and exceptional individuals.
Maureen Spelman School of Education Spelman has been an assistant professorial lecturer and a clinical practice supervisor for the School of Education since fall 2003. Prior to that, she served as a clinical practice supervisor, an adjunct professor, and an SXU reading clinic tutor. Spelman taught at several schools in the Chicagoland area, including Fulton Primary Center and Central Junior High School in Tinley Park, Navajo Elementary School in Palos Heights, and St. Christina Elementary School in Chicago. Spelman served as principal of Memorial Elementary School in Tinley Park for five years. She also serves on a number of committees, including the Faculty Development Committee, the Teacher Advisory Council, the Elementary Education NCATE commitee, the Graduate Reading Program committee, as well as several advisory committees. She currently teaches courses on exceptional children, elementary reading methods, diagnostic assessment & instruction, special education methods, the reading/writing connection, and learning theory.
James Hagen
E. Suzanne Lee School of Education Lee's primary teaching responsibilities are in the area of action research with graduate students in the field-based master's program. Courses taught include learning theory and instructional practice; scholarly reading and writing; assessment in the service of teaching and learning; and educational research design and development. While in the doctoral program at Saint Louis University, Lee's research work included an ethical and value dimension graduate school study for the dean of the graduate school. For her dissertation, "Social Justice: Measuring and Assessing the Psychometric Properties," she developed an instrument to measure social justice in Jesuit higher education. Along with these quantitative pieces, she utilized qualitative methods for an assessment of the status of social justice at Saint Louis University for the office of ministry, evaluated a personal responsibility education program in a St. Louis public elementary school, and conducted a content analysis of an intensity sample from Jesuit documents en route to developing the instrument for her dissertation. While at Saint Louis University, Lee taught undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and enjoyed teaching a college preparatory course for adults in the School for Professional Studies.
Florence Appel College of Arts and Sciences, Computer Science Dep Areas of expertise include: The Study of Database Design Must Address Privacy Concerns, Ethics Across the Computer Science Curriculum: Privacy Modules in an Undergraduate Database Course, the Social and Ethical Implications of Computing, Computer Literacy.