SXU’s Dr. Tim Ritchie contributed to six publications on heroism

Dr. Tim Ritchie, chair of the Psychology Department, continues to collaborate with his colleagues in Ireland, the UK, and elsewhere, and has been widening the network of collaborators, including a student at SXU. Below is a summary of the heroism research output that has transpired in 2017:

To a comprehensive edited volume on leadership and heroism, Dr. Ritchie helped contribute to the opening chapter of the handbook:

Kinsella, E. L., Ritchie, T. D., & Igou, E. R. (2017). Attributes and applications of heroes: A brief history of lay and academic perspectives. In Allison, S. T., Goethals, G. R., & Kramer, R. M. (Eds.), Handbook of heroism and heroic leadership (pp. 19-35). New York, NY: Routledge.

To a special issue in the Journal of Humanist Psychology, with his colleagues, Dr. Ritchie contributed two articles:

Coughlan, G., Igou, E. R., Van Tilburg, W. A. P., Kinsella, E. L., & Ritchie, T. D. (2017). From boredom to perceptions of heroes: A meaning-regulation approach to heroism. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. doi:10.1177/0022167817705281

Kinsella, E. L., Igou, E. R., & Ritchie, T. D. (2017). Heroism and the pursuit of a meaningful life. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. doi:10.1177/0022167817701002

In a new journal they published a conceptual article:

Kinsella, E. L., Ritchie, T. D., & Igou, E. R. (2017). On the bravery and courage of heroes: Considering gender. Heroism Science, 2(1), 1-13.

For their contributions to the burgeoning discipline of heroism science, Drs. Kinsella, Igou, and Ritchie each accepted invitation as editorial board members of the new journal Heroism Science:

Finally, a SXU undergraduate student, Cheyenne Reavis, recently presented a poster at a regional conference, and Dr. Ritchie presented a summary of their experimental work at a symposium:

Reavis, C., & Ritchie, T. D. (2017). Inspiration induced by personal heroes prompts inspiration to give charitable donations. Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association. Chicago, IL.

Ritchie, T. D., & Reavis, C. (2017). Inspiration induced by personal heroes prompts inspiration to give to charitable donations. Invited symposium presentation: The psychology of heroes at the Midwestern Psychological Association. Chicago, IL.