SXU’s partnership with American Urban Campus – branding Chicago as a premier college town

America's Urban CampusLast month, leaders representing 20 of the region’s colleges and universities, including Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) President Wiseman, took steps to become a formal entity when higher education leaders signed a memorandum of understanding to establish America’s Urban Campus (AUC). This partnership will allow SXU to explore our educational, economic, and cultural impact on Chicago’s higher education institutions.

The Chicago Community Trust coordinated the partnership among the schools, and said it will work with Choose Chicago and World Business Chicago to brand the city as a global destination for higher education.

The partnership allows for AUC to focus on supporting initiatives, facilitating job opportunities and fostering connections within Chicago. The goal for all colleges and universities involved with AUC is to support students seeking to experience a city as a campus – from internship opportunities to experiencing the city’s incredible cultural offerings. The partnership also aims to assist faculty in seeking innovative research and teaching opportunities throughout Chicago.

The Chicago Community Trust funded a detailed research study which found that metropolitan Chicago’s universities “educate 216,000 students, generates $10.8 billion in local economic activity and support 43,000 jobs,” according to the Trust.

For more information on last month’s gathering, please visit the Chicago Community Trust’s website.