Staff Opportunity: Mentoring for Mission

Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) Catholic and Mercy heritage? Would you like to think more about how your work reflects the University’s values and mission? The Mentoring for Mission Program for Staff will begin in the fall, and will meet six times throughout the year. The program will talk about what it means to work for a Catholic and Mercy University while enjoying a hearty dinner.

If you are a newer member of the staff, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of more seasoned staff. If you have been at SXU awhile, it will be an opportunity to reflect on how your work is informed by the Catholic and Mercy heritage, and how it is reflected in your work. It will be a time for everyone to see how our work comes together as we serve our students, and how we all play a role in shaping our students into professionals who are ready to work for the common good and human dignity.

If you want to know more or sign up, contact Andrea Stapleton in the Office of Mission Integration and Mercy Heritage at ext. 3809 or!