Shannon Center Tip of the Week – 50 Fitness Tips to Do at Work!

Plan Ahead:

1. Set a goal for the length of time you will exercise or the distance you will cover while exercising;
2. Don’t forget to bring your walking/running shoes to work. (Side note from Kelly: Buy a GOOD pair of RUNNING shoes from a RUNNING store (Running Excels or Running for Kicks!);
3. Schedule a convenient time during your workday to work out and do it;
4. Make plans to meet a coworker for a walk break;
5. Write in your planner when you will exercise;
6. Warm up for a few minutes before getting into a faster paced exercise.

Getting to work:

7. Ride your bike to work;
8. Park your car as far away as possible and allow extra time to walk;
9. Come to work a ½ hour early, or stay after to jog or walk;
10. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

At your desk:
11. Stretch throughout the day;
12. Squeeze a tennis ball to help strength your hand and wrist;
13. Try doing bicep curls with a paperweight;
14. Using a chair to brace yourself, do some calf raises to increase muscle strength;
15. Use your speakerphone for conference calls and stand instead of sitting;
16. Shoulder rolls, forward ten times, then repeat going backwards;
17. While sitting at your desk, rotate one foot to “write” each letter of the alphabet.  Switch feet and repeat;
18. Do wall sits during those conferences calls or on your break;
19. Get out of your chair and move around for a few minutes every hour;
20. Shoulder shrugs are a great way to loosen up tight muscles.  Repeat 5-10 times;
21. Keep a water cup close by, but don’t forget to get up and keep filling it up!  Everyone should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day;
22. Stretch your lower back.  While seated, slowly bend forward at the waist. Reach forward with your hands until they reach the floor.  Hold for 15 seconds before slowly coming up;
23. Move your feet and legs while you are sitting at your desk to burn calories and increase energy.

Take a break:

24. Spice up your breaks with a jaunt around the building;
25. Do you need to clear your head?  Get up and take a five minute walk;
26. If you can take a break for 20 minutes, try taking 10 min walks twice daily;
27. Leave a few minutes early for meetings to allow time to stretch your legs a bit;
28. Using the phone to talk to the person down the hall?  Get up and get moving.  The walk will do you good;

29. Top off your lunch break with a 15 minute walk;
30. Going out to lunch? Why not choose a spot some distance away and walk;
31. Eat some whole grain carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables for energy;

Business Trips:
32. Going on a trip? Take advantage of fitness facilities at your hotel;
33. Walk instead of using the moving airport walkways;
34. Pack hand and ankle weights for strength training on trips.

Stay Motivated:
35. Try selecting indoor and outdoor activities;
36. Grab a buddy; exercising is always more fun with a friend;
37. Join a local health club for workday workouts;
38. Keep track of your mileage. Choose a vacation spot and walk to it;
39. Have you met your goal? Don’t forget to reward yourself;
40. Bring along an iPod to play your favorite songs.

Staying motivated:
41. Habits are much easier to keep if you ENJOY them.  Find something you like;
42. If you aren’t too excited about a strenuous workout, try something more key like a walk or yoga.  The important thing is just to keep moving;
43. To prevent boredom: change activity or location of activity often;
44. Don’t get down if you miss a workout, just schedule your next one;
45. Keep a record of your daily workouts;
46. Get a co-worker to join you for a lunch or break time walk;
47. Pick activities you like to do;
48. Buy some new exercise shoes (I recommend running shoes) and clothes;
49. Just Do It!  10 minutes is better than none at all;
50. Join one of the many Shannon Center exercise classes.