SXU’s Ula Scislicka awarded Take Care Health Systems Scholarship

Saint Xavier University’s (SXU) Ula Scislicka, student in SXU’s Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program and emergency room nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital, is nearing the end of her clinical rotation with a certified Take Care Health preceptor at the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic in Mokena, Illinois. Ula is the recipient of a $7,000 scholarship award from Take Care Health Systems, and this rotation, including more than 250 clinical hours, is part of the scholarship package.

Take Care Health Systems, a subsidiary of Illinois-based Walgreens, manages clinics in more than 400 Walgreens stores around the country. The company’s goal is to bridge gaps in patient care and provide greater access to affordable, convenient health care services. Nurse practitioners are at the center of Take Care Health Systems’ model of patient care, and the company is committed to supporting educational opportunities for students in nurse practitioner programs.

FNP Program Director Eileen McCann was proud to support Ula’s application for the Take Care Health Systems scholarship, saying, “Ula possesses important qualities necessary for an advanced-practice role in retail health. She is motivated, hardworking, organized, and has an appreciation for the need to deliver quality, accessible, and convenient health care to patients as they do in Healthcare Clinics.”

Gregory Nichols, Ula’s preceptor, has worked with many nurse practitioners in training, and he has been particularly impressed with Ula. “She’s completely invested in the experience,” Nichols said, noting that she had been prepared since the first day to take the lead in charting her patients and documenting her caseloads. “I felt confident since her first day that she would do right by our patients,” he added. Over the course of this rotation, Ula saw many interesting cases and learned first-hand about rare illnesses, including a condition nicknamed “geographic tongue.” Of course, most of these hours were filled with much more routine sicknesses, like bronchitis, and a full month of sports physicals, which, they admit, grew tedious but that Ula still found valuable: “It was great to experience so many patients testing normal,” she said, “because it helped me recognize something abnormal. When a patient came before me with a heart murmur, I immediately realized it wasn’t normal.”

SXU’s School of Nursing is one of only 17 nursing education programs in the country designated as a “Center of Excellence” by the National League for Nursing (NLN). The School received the prestigious designation for excellence in creating environments that enhance student learning and professional development. The support of Take Care Health Systems and other generous donors is an investment in our exceptional students and in the health of the communities they will serve after graduation.

Ula will complete her FNP training this coming spring, when she will add “FNP BC” to her credentials.