Student Affairs Resource Presentations

Dear Colleagues:

The Division of Student Affairs supports students in and out of the classroom through a multitude of programs and services. Some of these resources might be familiar to you, while others are not. As a division, we desire to communicate these services to you, as well as our students, so as to meet the needs of students, whenever possible.

We know that faculty and staff interact with students on a daily basis, and are often the first to notice when a student needs assistance academically or personally, or could benefit from added University resources. In an effort to support your work with students, resource presentations from the Student Affairs departments are available to you and your colleagues on a variety of topics.  These topics can also be tailored for student audiences.

Below you will find a list of prepared presentations that might be of interest to you. Student Affairs staff would be happy to attend a departmental meeting, class session or other appropriate venue to share information about the resources we offer. Additionally, resource presentations can be tailored to meet the unique interests or needs of your area and timing is flexible.

Referring students to the Care Team– What is the SXU Care Team? How and when should I make a referral?  How can the Dean of Students Office assist students who are in need of help outside of the classroom? These questions and others will be addressed as the Dean of Students staff explains their role in providing care and assistance to students in order to foster academic and personal success (15 minutes).

Students of Concern– This presentation will focus on concerns related to the behavior and/or psychological well-being of a student.  Addressing the different roles Counseling, Public Safety, and the Dean of Students Office play, we will provide you with the information you need to know how and when to access these resources when you are concerned about a student (30 minutes).

Counseling Center– The SXU Counseling Center offers counseling to all students for all mental health issues.  Staff members also provide psycho-educational opportunities for both students and faculty/staff regarding multiple topics related to college student mental health and wellness.  The presentation would include discussion of services provided to students, information on contacting and/or referring to the counseling center, and consultation support for faculty and staff (15 minutes).

Learning Center and Disability Services– The goal of the Learning Center and Disability Services office is to provide students with the academic resources to be better prepared to be successful in their academic and social endeavors. LCDS staff will present on the services offered to students in their area such as tutoring and supplemental instruction (20 minutes).

Disabilities “Road Show”-Learning Center and Disability Services offers a Disability Services “Road Show” to inform and engage various constituencies regarding the legal, policy and procedural issues in serving students with disabilities.  Topics will include an overview of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), types of students served, advocacy, academic accommodations and confidentiality.

Career Services– Career Services works to prepare our students for meaningful and productive lives beyond Saint Xavier University – a mission we clearly share with the faculty of the University.  Whether students are gearing up for graduate school or the 21st century workplace, they can benefit from the collaboration between faculty and our office.  This presentation will explain how Career Services can support your students through career planning, internship advising, networking events, graduate school resources and job search skills training.  The length of Career Services presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of individual classes.

Student Success Program– What is the TRiO Student Success Program (SSP) and who are good candidates for the program?  This presentation will explore the particular needs of TRiO students and the support offered through SSP.  We will discuss how Faculty and SSP staff members can work together to best support SSP students’ performance in class (15 minutes).

Healthy Choices, Healthy You: Finding Ways to Help Students Stay Healthy– College students have a lot on their plate with juggling school, work, family, activities and being independent for the first time!  They are left with many choices and sometimes due to lack of time, energy and awareness, unhealthy choices are made.  It’s important to stay focused in college and having the right amount of energy, being fit and maintaining wellness can help our students do just that.   Help students learn the importance of making healthy choices while at Saint Xavier University so they can ultimately be successful in college!

Information on the following topics will be shared:  fitness and recreation opportunities at the Shannon Center, health care (sick and wellness visits) at the Health Center, mental health and life balance issues from the Counseling Center and tips for spiritual wellness from University Ministry. 

Please contact Tammy Stockover at 773-298-3123 or to schedule a presentation. If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact Vice President for Student Affairs John P. Pelrine, Jr., at 773-298-3121 or 

Thanks for your consideration, and have a great semester!