Honors Program Senior Conference

The SXU community is invited to watch Honors Program students present their Senior Projects at the 12th Annual Honors Program Senior Conference on Sat., April 26. Projects will be presented in six separate panels, grouped by topic.

The schedule for the conference is as follows:

Session I, 9 to 10:45 a.m.

Panel One: The Advancement of Learning

Room S101, Moderator: Margaret Carroll, Ph.D.

  • Lauren Kurey – “Through Their Eyes: Perceptions of the Classroom Environment’s Conduciveness to Learning Based on Danielson’s Framework for Teaching”
  • Kaitlynn Clancy – “The Alien Diaries: Creating Literature for English Language Learners”
  • Rebecca Brown – “Midsummer: From Dream to Page”
  • Christopher Sarna – “Jane Addams: Voyage to Hull House”
  • Rebecca Rychel – “El Camino de Santiago: A Mirror of Spain’s Identity”


Panel Two: In the Lab and Beyond

Room S113, Moderator: Rudyard Sadleir, Ph.D.

  • Victoria Mastej – “Tarantula DNA: Extraction from Exuviae”
  • Jaclyn Sarna – “Flavored Green Teas: Examining ‘Superfruit Enhanced’ Tea”
  • Angelina Finn – “Pharmacogenetics: Parkinson’s Disease – A Case Study”
  • Ashley Robinson – “Observing Gene Expression and Adhesive Properties of Cells When Exposed to Cigarette Toxins”
  • Jordan Wallace – “3D Evaluation of the Human Gait Cycle with Respect to Prosthetics”


Panel Three: Issues of our Times: Criminal Interrogation, Fiscal Health, Public Health

Room N114, Moderator: Megan Alderden, Ph.D.

  • Catlyn Hicks – “Lie to Me: Nonverbal Cues and Deception Detection”
  • Yulisa Sanchez – “Stop Majoring in Debt: The Essentials of Financial Literacy for College Students”
  • Brittany Klyczek – “The Dodd-Frank Act: A Valuable Corrective or Just a ‘Performance’?”
  • Adrianna Munoz – “Encouraging Breastfeeding: A Comparison of Illinois’ WIC Program and California’s WIC Program”


Session II, 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Panel Four: Classic Texts, Contemporary Revisions

Room S101, Moderator: Forrest Perry, Ph.D.

  • Ray McElheny – “Freedom is Slavery: A Critique of Human Freedom”
  • Genevieve Buthod – “How to Fulfill Your Responsibility to the World: Philosophy as Action”
  • Jennifer Szalko – “Minos in the Maze: A Visual Interpretation of Ovid’s Labyrinth Mythology”
  • Evan Batty – “Suturing the Wound: A Sustainable Adjustment to Capitalist Production”


Panel Five: Technology and Media: Shaping Images, Crafting Games

Room S113, Moderator: Renee Robinson, Ph.D.

  • Andrea DeMoss – “LinkedIn: An Exploration of Social Connection, Impression and Organizational Placement”
  • Krzysztof Bieniek and Mark Meurer – “Lost and Found in Dreams: A Journey through Computer Game Design and Development”
  • Shane Kenney – “How Stupid Are We? A Study of the Depictions of Men in Modern Advertising”
  • Timothy Carroll – “Change You Can Believe In: World Series Coverage in the Chicago Tribune 1905-2005”


Panel Six: Taking Care: Studies in the Field of Nursing

Room N114, Moderator: Charlene Bermele, MSN

  • Allyson Herlitz “Certification, Clinical Skills and Comfort”
  • Nicole Callsen “Caring vs. Curing: Comparing Nursing and Medical Ethics”
  • Jose Zepeda “ Respect Your Elders: Why Intraoperative and Postoperative Pain Medications Should Be Adjusted for Geriatrics”
  • Nicole Rosenquest “ Food for Thought: Comparisons Between Health Benefits for Breastfeeding Versus Formula Feeding”


Luncheon and Awards, 12:45 to 2:30 p.m. in the Butler Reception Room

Host: Mary Beth Tegan, Ph.D.

Reflections: Judith Hiltner, Ph.D., Candice Pielago ’11, Kendall Steinle ’10, and Jacqueline McGill ’09

Special thanks to honors program faculty, senior project mentors and Sarah Miller, honors program office manager.

Project Mentors 2013-14: Bindhu Alappat, Ph.D., Megan Alderden, Ph.D., Charlene Bermele, MSN, Norman Boyer, Ph.D., Sharada Buddha, Ph.D., Margaret Carroll, Ph.D., Janet Dahm, Psy.D., Joseph Dertien, Ph.D., Chavez Epps, B.S., Mary Haras, M.S., Jayne Hileman, MFA, Christopher McCullough, Ph.D., Teresa Miller, M.S., Ricardo Monzon, Ph.D., Mary Murphy-Smith, DNP, John Nardelli, B.S., Graham Peck, Ph.D., Forrest Perry, Ph.D., Kenneth Rakow, Ph.D., Renee Robinson, Ph.D., Rudyard Sadleir, Ph.D., Pamela Schwer, M.A., Joel Sternberg, Ph.D., Thomas Thorp, Ph.D., Olga Vilella, Ph.D., and James Walker, Ph.D.