SXU receives $10,000 grant for chemistry equipment

ChemistrySaint Xavier University has been awarded a grant of $10,000 from the Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants Program to support the purchase of a new instrument for chemical analysis. The instrument, a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscope, is used in characterizing chemical compounds.

Department of Chemistry Associate Professor Sharada Buddha applied for the grant in order to expand the educational opportunities open to students.

“Since it can be used in intermediate-level classes, it will enrich the educational experience of many students – those majoring or minoring in an area of Chemistry, as well as many students from the School of Nursing,” Prof. Buddha said.

“We are excited to purchase this new instrument and begin using it to advance the educational opportunities of our students, providing direct experience with hands-on laboratory analysis,” said Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Kathleen Alaimo.

“This instrument is a valuable addition to the Chemistry laboratories,” added Department of Chemistry Chair Alak Chakravorty. “It is remarkable that this equipment is portable enough to use for field testing, and can be operated using mobile devices. It will be very helpful for our students to have access to it.”

The instrument is expected to be on campus this semester and will be used in Chemistry classes starting in the fall. The instrument also may be incorporated into Physical Science classes, also offered by the department.