SXU Community celebrates Thanksgiving Service Nov. 25

All students, staff members, faculty members, and administrators are invited to participate in an inter-faith Thanksgiving prayer service and light lunch on Mon., Nov. 25, at noon in McDonough Chapel.

Sponsored by the Office for Mission and Ministry, this Thanksgiving observance invokes the spirit of gratitude that unites Americans of all faiths and backgrounds each November. The 25-minute prayer service will include brief readings from several different religious traditions, an audiovisual reflection on gratitude, song and prayer.  A light lunch of soup and bread will follow in the chapel foyer – “lunch,” so that no one will miss a midday meal by attending, and “light,” so that no one’s appetite for Thursday’s feast will be stifled.

Before launching into the travel and meal preparation of Thanksgiving proper, why not take a few moments to give thanks alongside other members of the SXU community?