New website design to launch on Mon., Nov. 18

ArchOn Mon., Nov. 18, University Relations will launch a newly redesigned website. The website has been completely redesigned in-house by the team, and it is among one of the ways University Relations will introduce and rollout SXU’s new logo.

The newly designed SXU website has been built using both a responsive design format while utilizing current best practices in format, navigation, etc. One of the new features of the website is its use of responsive design, which is a web design approach that allows a website to adapt and proportionately become the size of your cell, computer or tablet screen. In addition, the design encompasses a more intuitive, info-graphic feel that highlights Saint Xavier’s trendy media, such as video and social media. This new type of design is becoming the best practice standard at progressive institutions and SXU will be one of the few in the Midwest region to have it implemented already.

While the look and feel is changing, many important elements of the website will remain the same. For instance, the navigation of the website will not be changing. Over the past two years, University Relations has worked hard to ensure the website navigation remains both clear and intuitive while following best practices. In addition, the website’s content will also remain the same as University Relations has collaborated with many departments to provide accurate, up-to-date information. So while the look of navigation and content will be enhanced and updated, the actual structure will not change.

If you have any questions about the changes, please contact Jennifer Younker, executive director of marketing and communication, at (773) 298-3279 or