It’s Time for Dessert!

Since many fruits are in season why not use fruit as a way to spice up your favorite dessert or experiment with a new one? Try going to your local farmers market for fresh organic produce. Here are some recipes to sample at your next family dinner or BBQ!

  • Add fresh berries* or bananas to a dish of low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Top a slice of angel food cake with sliced strawberries and low fat Cool Whip
  • Bake an apple in the oven sprinkled with oats, cinnamon and Splenda for a taste of apple pie
  • Dip fresh strawberries in chocolate sauce
  • Mix tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple and sprinkle with coconut and walnuts
  • Stir chopped gingersnaps, sliced bananas and toasted pecans into softened vanilla frozen yogurt
  • Slice a banana and drizzle melted chocolate chips on top and add a dollop of low fat whipped cream or softened frozen yogurt
  • Drizzle lemon and orange juice over blackberries
  • And let’s not forget our fruit pies (made with Splenda and graham cracker crusts!)

* A great app for fruit recipes is the CA strawberries app. It comes with a lot of heart healthy recipes!


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