Submit nominations for SXU Staff Council elections

Staff Council is currently seeking nominations for two-year term positions of exempt and non-exempt staff members. Nominations are due by Fri., April 12 for the upcoming elections in mid-May.

The purpose of Staff Council is to:

  • Discuss staff issues and appropriately channel those concerns.
  • Make recommendations to various administrative bodies.
  • Facilitate communication among faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Encourage staff and faculty participation in select University functions.

Throughout the two-year membership, members attend monthly meetings with other Council members to discuss current issues and bring information back to their colleagues. Staff Council members also are encouraged to attend University-sponsored events and join committees as they are formed. Almost all Staff Council responsibilities are performed during work hours. Ideal members are thought leaders, are eager to make a positive impact within the University community and are able to facilitate communication among staff, faculty, students and administration.

To learn more about Staff Council, please contact any of the current members to engage in conversation. An updated list of Council members can be found on the Staff Council Web page, located at, keyword: staff council.

If you’d like to nominate yourself or a co-worker to be on Staff Council, please submit nominations to Kathy Roberts,, Megan Kubiak,, or Tim Kenny,