Message from the President – New Leadership: Sisters of Mercy, West Midwest Community

I am pleased to announce that the Sisters of Mercy for the West Midwest Community have elected both Sister Margaret Mary Hinz, Associate Director of Graduate Programs for the Graham School, and Sister Sue Sanders, Vice President for Administration and Planning, to the West Midwest Community Leadership Team. This recognition celebrates the talents of two Sisters of Mercy whom the members of our Saint Xavier community have known and loved for many years. The Sisters’ election to the Leadership Team occurred this past weekend, as more than 450 Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Associates of the West Midwest Community gathered in Chicago for their Assembly of Elections.

For our own university community, this election means that both Sister Margaret Mary and Sister Sue will be leaving Saint Xavier to serve their religious congregation for a five-year term, beginning July 1.  For that purpose, they will relocate to Omaha, Nebraska, administrative headquarters of the West Midwest Community.

As you might imagine, both Sisters are excited to serve their religious community, whose dedication to the “poor, sick, and uneducated,” especially women and children, is the charism that grounds our own university mission. But both are equally sad to lose the company of friends and colleagues with whom they have served for ten and twelve years respectively.  Indeed, their presence among us has marked a generation of student lives.

Before the semester ends, all in our university community will have an opportunity to celebrate their service and extend good wishes for the journey ahead.  Details will follow as soon as arrangements are finalized. Until then, please feel free to congratulate them personally on their new positions.


Christine M. Wiseman