Message from the President – Election of the Adjunct Council

I am pleased to announce the election of the following adjunct faculty members to the University’s first Adjunct Council. They are: 

  • Lynda Bartlett
  • Bob Basofin
  • Bob Cyborski
  • Josephine Ebomoyi
  • David Hibbs
  • Wayne Jakalski
  • Cyndi Kamp
  • Jim Kollros
  • Paul Lechner
  • Errol Magidson
  • Robert Shapiro

With the establishment of the Adjunct Council and the election of these adjunct faculty members, the University has taken its first steps to address Goal 5, Objective 5 of Vision 2017, which calls for an Adjunct Council that “collaborates with the administration and the Faculty Senate to recognize and promote the professional contributions these adjunct faculty make to teaching and learning.” The Council now will attend to the election of its leadership, which will occur at the Council’s April meeting.

On behalf of the entire SXU community, I want to congratulate and thank these faculty members for their willingness to assume this critical role in service to all of us who benefit from their important work. We welcome them to the extended leadership of Saint Xavier University.


Christine M. Wiseman, J.D.