Phase 2 of Library renovations to begin in February

Friends and colleagues,


It is our pleasure to announce that Saint Xavier University is about to begin Phase 2 of the Robert and Mary Rita Murphy Stump Library’s renovations. As you know, several years ago the University received a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education Independent Colleges Capital Program (ICCAP). The first release of ICCAP funds financed the renovation of the Library’s main level in the summer of 2011. The University received its second set of funds, which will now pay for the long-planned renovation of the L-wing lower level. The renovations will include an art gallery, silent study spaces, library teaching lab, editing rooms, recording studio, small coffee venue, student lounge, instructional design center, media services, and the student media center. No University or tuition funds are being used for this renovation.

The designs were reviewed and approved by the Campus Space Committee, Art Department, Library, CIDAT, Academic Affairs, University Advancement, and the SXU administration. The planning team for this phase of renovation includes Mark Vargas (Library, and project director), Pete Skach (Facilities), and Ray Catania (CFO).

The demolition and construction will include the temporary closure of hallways and doors as needed. We wanted to share with you the timeline for the renovation:

  • February 15: All affected personnel and equipment removed from the construction zone.
  • February 18: Asbestos abatement begins.
  • March 4: Demolition begins.
  • March 25: General construction begins.
  • July 26: Substantial completion of construction.
  • August 9: Final completion as well as personnel and equipment returned.

This phase of renovation helps SXU reach the goals of the ICCAP grant and the Vision 2017 strategic plan to create a user-centered dynamic learning environment rich in technology that supports teaching, learning, scholarship, and research for the entire campus community.

On behalf of the many University faculty and staff who have worked so long to bring these plans to fruition, we thank you for your patience during the renovation. We know you will be delighted with the new facilities and services.


Mark Vargas, Pete Skach, Ray Catania