Provost Search Committee Update



On behalf of the Provost Search Committee, I am writing to update you on our progress. The Committee has already conducted two off-site interviews with targeted candidates, and the open application process closes on January 31, 2013. The Committee will review all applications received by that date and determine whether or not to conduct additional off-campus interviews. Those completing off-campus interviews will be finalists invited to the campus for two-day interviews. While here, the finalists will make two campus-wide presentations and will meet with the deans, faculty, and staff from each school, Academic Affairs, Board of Trustees, Cabinet, Deans Council, Faculty Affairs Committee, Senate, Student Affairs, Staff Council, University Ministry, President Wiseman, and representatives of the Student Government Association.

Prior to each finalist’s arrival on campus, the Search Committee will make the candidate’s CV and a complete schedule of meetings available to all such constituencies. Prior to the on-campus interviews, faculty and staff will be invited to submit two to three questions for the finalists. The Search Committee will review those submissions and compile a representative set of questions intended to assist the candidates in focusing their campus-wide presentations on issues of interest to the faculty and staff. This in turn should provide a basis on which those groups can provide substantive feedback concerning each candidate, and such feedback will be solicited from faculty and staff following the on-campus interviews. The Search Committee’s intent is to afford all interested parties a reasonable opportunity to meet with the finalists and provide feedback about them to the Committee. It is our belief that the process described herein will facilitate attainment of those goals. Moreover, through that process, the Committee is confident that it can recommend to President Wiseman and the Board of Trustees individuals who are highly capable of collaborating with her and all of Saint Xavier’s stakeholders in advancing the University’s mission, maintaining its standards of education, and realizing both Vision 2017 and the promise of Saint Xavier’s future while preserving the heritage of its past.

Finally, the Search Committee would like to thank Mark Vargas, Executive Director of the University Libraries, for the high quality work and leadership he provided this committee. Recently, Director Vargas accepted the position of Library Dean at Saint Cloud State University. Accordingly, it has become necessary for him to step down from the Provost Search Committee in order to complete projects on behalf of Saint Xavier’s libraries prior to his departure. Again, we thank Director Vargas for his service to this committee as well as to the University as a whole. The Search Committee also thanks all campus constituencies for their thoughtful participation in the search process, and we hope to announce on-campus interview dates for finalists in the near future.



Michael Hardy

Associate Professor of Mathematics Chair, Provost Search Committee


Provost Search Committee:

Raymond Catania, CFO and VP for Business and Finance

Indranil Ghosh, Associate Professor, Graham School of Management

Connie Hardy, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Michael Hardy, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Nelson Hathcock, Professor of English

Gloria Jacobson, Dean of the School of Nursing

Christopher McCullough, Associate Dean and Accreditation Coordinator, School of Education

Leslie M. Petty, Ed.D, Dean, School for Continuing and Professional Studies

Tatiana Tatum, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Elijah Ward, Associate Professor and Chair, Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Maureen Wogan, Assistant Provost