SXU receives $100,000 grant to create Center for the Study of Financial Markets and Derivatives

Saint Xavier University recently received a $100,000 grant from the CME Group Foundation to institute a Center for the Study of Financial Markets and Derivatives (CSFMD) at the Graham School of Management.

Using real-world applications and innovative teaching techniques, the Center will provide students with an in-depth education about trading, risk-management, and other financial concepts, and will provide collaborative research opportunities for students and faculty members. The Center, which is expected to be operational for the Spring 2013 semester, will be equipped with portable equipment for in-class lectures and demonstrations, and a hands-on laboratory where students can work on projects such as simulated financial portfolios. Ultimately, students will manage a real-time investment portfolio for the Graham School of Management.

The CSFMD also will strengthen SXU’s ties with the community by enhancing the Graham School’s existing opportunities to consult with local businesses. In addition, plans are underway to partner with local high schools so that high school students can learn basic financial concepts.

“We are grateful to the CME Group Foundation for their advocacy on behalf of Saint Xavier University,” said SXU President Christine M. Wiseman, J.D. “We appreciate the Foundation’s efforts to increase student and community understanding about finance and financial markets, and are pleased to have their support in developing this exciting new Center.”

The CME Group Foundation enhances economic opportunity by supporting academic initiatives and activities in the Chicago region, including those that promote research, teaching, and learning in financial markets, futures, and derivatives. It also promotes the education of disadvantaged children and youth. In partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund, Saint Xavier University is already engaged in a project to improve and support teaching of early mathematics in urban Catholic elementary schools.

For more information about the Graham School of Management, please contact (773) 298-3600.