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As smartphones become more popular, many people are looking up diet, exercise, and nutrition information on their phones. Here is a list of apps you can download to keep you accountable over the holidays.

These phone apps are a great way to log your food vs. a handwritten journal. New editions also let you scan barcodes, so nutrition information is automatically loaded into your daily food log. How convenient!

Another great category of apps is recipe finders. These help you find quick, easy, and healthy recipes right from your phone. Other categories to search include running/walking mileage apps, pedometers, water intake apps, and coupons.


Calorie King

  • Search foods for their food label info
  • Great for people who log their calories, carbohydrates or fat intakes

Lose It!

  • Food and exercise log
  • Find me as a friend so I can track you!


  • Very similar to Lose It!


  • Food Journal


  • Food Journal

CyberFit360 (paid)

  • Offers personal training and a food plan designed by a Registered Dietitian


  • Aids you in grocery store
  • Scan items to compare products and see reviews
  • Each food product gets a rating to see how healthy it is


  • Training plans and exercise

My Net Diary

  • Calorie Counter


  • Tracks hydration

Munch 5-A-Day

  • Tracks fruits and veggies


The Eatery

  • Snaps photos of your food


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