Touchdown Tuesday at the Campus Bookstore

A big congratulations goes out to our Saint Xavier University football team for their outstanding victory last Saturday against the University of Saint Francis. In honor of their valiant gameplay, the Campus Bookstore will offer a special discount based on SXU’s touchdowns from Saturday’s game called Touchdown Tuesday!

The Cougars scored four touchdowns this week. That means you score 20 percent off one sportswear or gift item, so come down to the Bookstore today, Tues., Sept. 11, and claim your discount!

Let’s root our Cougars to victory this year and don’t forget to keep a look out every Tuesday this season for more Touchdown Tuesday discounts!

The discount only may be used toward one sportswear or gift item. The discount percentage is based on the number of touchdowns the Cougars score. Each touchdown equals five percent off (three touchdowns = 15 percent, etc.). The percentage off will cap at 30 percent. For online orders, when placing the order, use the code “Touchdown12” to redeem your percentage off.

For more information, please contact the Campus Bookstore at (773) 298-3115.