Shannon Center Weekly Nutrition Tip

Consumer Reports (CR) recently released a new report on high arsenic levels found rice products such as organic rice baby cereals, rice breakfast cereals, brown rice, and white rice. Arsenic not only is a potent human carcinogen but also can set up children for other health problems later in life.

In virtually every product CR tested, they found measurable amounts of total arsenic in its two forms. They found significant levels of inorganic arsenic, which is a carcinogen, in almost every product category. They also found organic arsenic, which is less toxic but still of concern. Moreover, the foods CR checked are popular staples, eaten by adults and children alike. Check the chart summarizing results of the tests for arsenic in rice or rice products.

CR also discovered that some infant rice cereals, which are often a baby’s first solid food, had levels of inorganic arsenic at least five times more than has been found in alternatives such as oatmeal. Given our findings, we suggest limiting the consumption of rice products. Use CR recommendations.

So is rice safe? The answer is “in moderation.” View this chart for current recommendations of rice products.



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