Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Below are the minutes from Staff Council’s Tues., Aug. 14 meeting. Meeting minutes also are available on the Staff Council webpage.


Present: M. Acevedo, K. Allen, M. Bohacik, R. Cleary, E. Doherty, E. Donnelly, M. Johns, T. Kenny, E. Luce, S. Smiley, K. Roberts

Absent: B. Landuyt, M. Kubiak-Murphy, J. Ortiz, T. Vaci


Welcome new and returning members!

  • Newly elected Staff Council members serving two-year terms:
    • Ryan Cleary
    • Eileen Doherty
    • Meg Kubiak-Murphy
    • Michael Johns (President)
    • Jason Ortiz
    • Shirley Smiley
    • Kathy Roberts
  • Returning members serving the second year of their two-year terms:
    • Maribel Acevdeo
    • Kristy Allen (Secretary)
    • Michelle Bohacik (Immediate Past President)
    • Eileen Donnelly (Vice President)
    • Tim Kenny
    • Bob Landuyt
    • Eileen Luce
    • Terri Vaci (Treasurer)


Meeting Dates

Staff Council will meet from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month. The location is to be determined.


Cookbook Sales

There are still cookbooks available for sale in the Campus Bookstore. The cost is $10 each or three for $25. The proceeds go to the Student Relief Fund. Staff Council will continue to do promotions to sell the cookbooks for Homecoming, to the Renaissance Academy at Chicago and Orland Park campuses, at Graham School of Management, and to the Trustees at their next Board meeting.



Staff were invited to participate in the Adopt-An-Area Program over the summer. A few staff met in June and July to help the grounds crew, and an August date is pending. It would be great if the program continued throughout the year to help keep the campus looking its best. Ryan Cleary, Eileen Donnelly, and Tim Kenny will work with Scott Russo to plan future dates.



Staff Council would like to invite staff members to attend this year’s Homecoming Football game and tailgating activities. The Alumni tent welcomes staff members and will be open from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. The cost is $25 per person (age 21 and over, I.D. required) and includes food and drinks. The football game is at 6 p.m. at Bruce R. Deaton Memorial Field. Watch the defending NAIA Champion SXU Cougars play University of Saint Francis. A sub-committee of Maribel Acevedo, Kristy Allen, Michael Johns, and Tim Kenny will meet to work on ideas to bring staff together for Homecoming.


Christmas Tree Decorating

We would like to continue the tradition of a tree decorating party for the Christmas Tree in the Warde Academic Center Atrium. It was a very spirited event last year and staff really enjoyed making ornaments and putting them on the tree together. The Orland Park Campus also would like to participate this year by having a tree decorating party at OPC. Eileen Donnelly will work with other staff council members to make plans for these dates.


Christmas Party

A date soon will be scheduled for the Annual Christmas Party held in December. Eileen Donnelly will work with a committee to plan this year’s party!


Staff Professional Development

Michael Johns and Michelle Bohacik met with President Wiseman to discuss having more opportunities available to staff for professional development. Staff members enjoyed and benefited from the sessions that were provided in May and Staff Council would like to continue having development opportunities throughout the academic year.

Ideas for topics and sessions were discussed and will be worked on more by Ryan Cleary and Michelle Bohacik. Sr. Sue Sanders and President Wiseman support staff members having the option to attend sessions during the work day. It was suggested that Staff Council should work with HR to make certain sessions “certifiable” or having the possibility of earning “credits” that staff can put in their employee files and use on their resume. OPC would like to have the sessions streamed to them as well.


Cougars on Parade

Staff Council purchased a cougar statue and will work together to come up with a theme to decorate it. Thank you to Eileen Donnelly for collecting money for the cougar and giving the cougar a temporary home in her office! Meg Kubiak-Murphy offered to use her artistic skills and take the lead on decorating the cougar.


Staff Council Suggestion Box

The suggestion box on the Staff Council website needs to be renamed. The name may be changed to “comment box” to encourage staff members to submit their ideas and comments. All comments submitted online are completely confidential and the identity is not known unless marked. However, it is very useful when an identity is given when making a comment so that Staff Council can get back to each person with an answer. While most answers are posted online on the Response page, some answers are more appropriate to be given to the individual who asked the question/made a comment. So if possible, please leave your name when making a comment so an answer can be sent back directly to you.


Next Staff Council Meeting

3 to 4:30 p.m., Thurs., Sept. 13, location TBD.