Staff Council election results

Staff Council wishes to thank the staff members who continuously demonstrate their dedication to SXU and agreed to be on the election ballot this year. Also, the Council wishes to acknowledge the 158 staff members who participated in the election process this year.

The newly elected Staff Council members serving a two-year term beginning in the 2012-13 academic year are:

  • Ryan Cleary
  • Eileen Doherty
  • Meg Kubiak-Murphy
  • Michael Johns
  • Jason Ortiz
  • Shirley Smiley
  • Kathy Roberts

Those members completing their term by serving the second of their two years in the 2012-13 academic year are:

  • Maribel Acevedo
  • Kristy Allen (Secretary)
  • Michelle Bohacik (Immediate Past President)
  • Eileen Donnelly
  • Tim Kenny
  • Bob Landuyt
  • Eileen Luce
  • Terri Vaci (Treasurer)

In accordance with the by-laws, this newly formed Council of 15 staff members will nominate and elect (amongst themselves) next year’s President and Vice President. The results will be shared with the entire University community in mid-June.

Congratulations to these dynamic leaders! We’re sure to have a great year ahead of us!

For more information about Staff Council, please visit, keyword: staff council.