Staff Council to hold elections

Staff Council invites all staff members to participate in the election of Staff Council members. Membership is a two-year term in which members attend monthly meetings, attend University events and make a positive impact on the University community alongside faculty, students and administrators. Members are thought leaders, advocate for staff concerns, facilitate communication and also foster relationships among staff, faculty, students and administrators.

At the conclusion of the 2012 fiscal year, Staff Council will have seven vacancies. Of these seven, in accordance with the Staff Council bylaws, we ask that you vote for three exempt, three non-exempt and one OPC (at large) staff members. Please take a moment to view the staff members running for election, and cast your vote by using the Staff Council Election Ballot.

We thank you for participating in this important election process. The deadline to submit your ballot is Thurs., May 24. The names of the elected will be announced the week of May 28 on Saint Xavier Today.