SXU creates Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness

Saint Xavier University’s Department of Public Safety announces the creation of the Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness to oversee the University’s disaster preparedness and response efforts.

Assistant Director of Public Safety Nicholas Kuhr will head the office and lead its efforts in ensuring the University’s compliance with the Campus Security Enhancement Act of 2008. Additionally, the office will coordinate campus emergency planning, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts, as well as centralize all campus-wide emergency/disaster plans, training and exercises.

The office will be primary liaison between the University and other external government emergency management agencies, and work closely with several local emergency agencies to develop and implement Saint Xavier’s overall crisis communication plan. It also is responsible for developing and maintaining the campus-wide Emergency Operations Plan and Campus Violence Prevention Plan, and providing technical and administrative support to the Campus Violence Prevention and Behavioral Threat Assessment Committee.

“Crisis and disaster events require campuses to not only prepare for such events, but also understanding of response capabilities and limitations,” said Public Safety Director and Saint Xavier Police Chief Paul Kolessar. “It is impossible to predict exactly when a crisis or disaster will occur, or the extent to which they might affect the campus. Through deliberate planning, preparing, and training, Saint Xavier University can greatly minimize losses from such events.”