Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart discusses Craig’s List lawsuit and other issues

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart addressed host of topics ranging from forced evictions to dog fighting rings at 2009’s second Breakfast with the Experts event sponsored by Saint Xavier University and the Beverly Area Planning Association on Thursday, March 12 in the SXU Butler Reception Room.

Dart also provided an expansive explanation of his lawsuit against Craig’s List to force the online site to do more to prevent sexual services from being advertised in its classified section. He said that he believes Craig’s List does not do more because the advertisements substantially increase the numbers of visitors to Craig’s List, which in turn allows for greater advertising rates to be charged.

“They have a specific financial reason for what they’re doing, and it’s horrible and it’s beyond immoral. It’s illegal,” Dart said.

Breakfast with the Experts brings notable business, community and civic leaders to the south side to share insights, experience and industry knowledge with local business people. The breakfasts are interactive and designed to engage all participants through networking, keynote address, and a question-and-answer period.

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